Michael Walsh High Performance & Physiotherapy Centre



Improve Your Performance and Unlock Your Potential

I have seen too many athletes (GAA players in particular) train inappropriately in the gym.


Individualised performance plans are designed to integrate training in the gym with training on the field to enhance performance and help prevent injury. Stop holding back and unlock your true potential.

Whether you are involved in Team Sports, Sprinting or Endurance events, Boxing or MMA, Swimming, Golf, Skiing or just want to be stronger for everyday life and feel good, then getting your body stronger and conditioned will help you achieve your goals.

Many players have sacrificed endless hours in the gym to get better, and still end up injured or possibly performing worse. Athlete's are regularly fed misinformation, training gimmicks, and 'cookie-cutter' programs that don't actually make you better. If athletes go long enough without the support they deserve, they may go the rest of their athletic life never achieving what they were always capable of.

We create individualised performance programs which are designed to integrate strength training with other areas of training for your sport. Ultimately to enhance performance levels and increase robustness in the body to develop injury resilience.

"To become a champion, train like a champion”